The School Day

School day starts at 8:45am for all learners. We ask all parents to ensure they arrive on time to ensure a prompt start to the school day. Learners from Yr R – 6 enter the school via the gates that lead to the playground. Children from years 2 to 6 walk up to their class to begin early morning work, which contains activities such as times tables, arithmetic and handwriting. Nursery, Reception and Year 1 children should be taken to the door of the classrooms, where they will be welcomed by staff.

From 9am parents must bring their children through the school's office. Late children will be greeted in reception, where they will be handed a late slip and will be recorded as late.  Children are recorded late after 9:05am.

Timetable for the Day

School finishes at 3:30pm. At the end of the school day children must be collected from the playground. Nursery and Reception children must be collected from their classrooms. Any children remaining after 3:30pm will be kept in the front office until 4pm. After that, children will be taken to a Designated Safeguarding Leader where a decision will be made to contact children’s social care for support in next steps. We will, of course, contact all of the contact details we have on record first. Exceptional circumstances will be considered if the school office is informed.