Art and Design Technology

Subject Leader

     Ms Walker


Through art, craft, and design, we strive to engage, inspire and challenge our young learners. Our 
aim is to introduce them to a diverse spectrum of techniques, materials and the captivating
journeys of artists, craftspeople and designers.
We are dedicated to equipping every child with the knowledge and skills to encourage
experimentation, fearless exploration, calculated risks, inventive creation and the cultivation of
authenticity. Our focus extends beyond individual creativity; we also nurture children’s curiosity,
fostering respect and a spirit of collaboration with their peers.
Above all, we want to foster a positive bond between children and the world of art, ensuring that
they derive immense joy from their creative pursuits.

Progression Map


In order to meet the aims of the National Curriculum for both Art, and Design Technology, we
follow the Kapow Scheme of work for both disciplines. With every unit, children are exposed to
important figures in the art world. Not only do pupils develop their technical skills - the children
will also develop a understanding of artists and creators.

Lesson units are structured sequentially to enable children to develop their skills and knowledge
progressively, applying them across various outcomes. Fundamental skills are recurrently revisited,
gradually advancing in complexity. This approach empowers students to continually revise and
expand upon their prior learning.


The impact of the scheme is consistently assessable through both formative and summative
evaluation. By actively participating in our regular discussions and decision-making processes,
children will not only acquire facts and key information about art, but will also develop the ability
to articulate confidently their own learning journey. This engagement fosters higher metacognitive
skills and a growing understanding of how to enhance their overall learning.

By the end of a pupil’s time here at Laycock, pupils will be equipped with a diverse range of
techniques, as well as the confidence and creativity to establish a robust foundation for their Art
and Design learning in secondary school and beyond.


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