SEND Cycle

If child is added to our Special Educational Needs register, their educational and/or wellbeing will be monitored by his/her class teacher, with the support from the SENDCo, due to their specific needs. This means your child will have a support plan, with targets set out on it which are monitored on a termly basis. Your child’s EHCP will be in process.


An EHCP is for children and young adults which remains with them until they are 25 years old. An EHCP is a legal document where the education, healthcare and social needs of a child who needs additional support in school is made abundantly clear.  It is a document which explains the needs of the child, who requires support beyond that which an educational setting can provide at SEN support. The purpose of the EHCP is a positive one. The idea is to provide clear, structured support for any difficulties a child has and identify what a school must put in place to help them, along with the outcomes. This is reviewed on an annual basis.

Applying for an EHCP is a lengthy process as the school has to gather evidence from external professionals, collect Support Plans and other forms of evidence such as observations, parent meetings, meetings with external professionals, etc. As soon as the EHCP has been submitted and returned with the outcome, we will be in touch to discuss next steps, however, it is important to note that there is no guarantee that the EHCP will be accepted. Once the EHCP is sent to the local authority, it can take 16 weeks for it to be processed, however, there is a current backlog due to COVID.

Children on the SEND register

From September 2022, we are launching a rigorous process for children on our SEND register including termly meetings with the child, parent, teacher and SENDCo. As part of our SEND policy, we want to inform you of our new and reformed SEND routines and communication. We are wanting to put a real emphasis on including the family on the journey to ensure the best outcomes for all children. Next year, you can expect:

  • termly meetings with the class teacher and SENDCo (3 x year)
  • target setting using your child’s support plan, involving the school, child and parent
  • communication and support on helping your child at home and in school
  • support from external agencies where necessary and appropriate