At Laycock Primary School, we pride ourselves on providing positive experiences throughout physical education and play, which are crucial to each child’s well-being and development.

With our unique and diverse community, we will provide an inclusive, engaging and exciting curriculum, ensuring that all children’s needs and abilities are being met and challenged. Children’s knowledge, understanding and confidence in understanding the fundamentals of movement, the benefits of physical activity and the positive impact this can have on physical and mental well-being will be developed, promoted and celebrated. We want all of our children to have fun as they engage in a range of physical activities that inspire them to build upon and enhance previously learnt skills. Children will explore and learn new skills through our carefully mapped out units of work that they will receive throughout their time at Laycock.

We believe that a strong mental, emotional, social and physical well-being ​is paramount for all of our pupils. We plan to support and develop these values through specifically planned lessons that are delivered by our trained P.E coaches​, class teachers and across other lessons within our curriculum, such as Pastoral mornings and PSHE. Teachers encourage, reassure and support during every P.E lesson to increase resilience within the children and the dedication, perseverance and confidence needed to achieve goals, no matter how small.

Physical development within the EYFS framework is one of three prime areas for learning. The children have access to a range of daily activities to develop their fine and gross motor skills as well as having access to a dedicated outside area with appropriate equipment. It is our intention to promote play with others in a team through developing a sense of citizenship and respect to manage and communicate their feelings and thoughts. The children will deepen their understanding of what it means to be committed and determined to achieving the goals that they set for themselves. ​

Ultimately, children at Laycock will enjoy being part of a team -whether it is through intra-competitions within their house team in school or the opportunity to represent Laycock and compete within the local or national community; understand sportsmanship’s values; gain fundamental knowledge and skills to prepare them for future games and sporting activities; and -most importantly- understand the importance of both mental and physical health.

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