Online Safety

A topic that is paramount to your child’s safety while working online at home. Please read, explore, ask and get in touch if you need any more advice.

Social Media Use

It has been brought to our attention that there has been some inappropriate use of a social media group/ WhatsApp group between children and parents.

We understand that social media is a fact of modern life, and as a school, we accept that many parents, staff and pupils will use it. However, we expect everybody to behave in a positive manner, engaging respectfully with each other in the same way as they would face to face.

Children may be part of social media and/or chat groups which we cannot manage as a school. We will, however, support parents in dealing with any inappropriate use of these. We urge parents to allow social media use with caution, be aware of online use age limits and monitor the usage regularly.

Please note

  • Many social media platforms have a minimum age of 13
  • WhatsApp minimum age is 16+

We urge parents to respect age ratings on social media platforms wherever possible and not encourage or condone underage use. It is worth noting that Online Harms regulation is likely to require more stringent age verification measures over the coming years.

We have learnt that the latest Year 6 WhatsApp group has been deleted and suggest it remains this way as managing such a large group chat is incredibly challenging for a child and/or parent. If you do allow your child to use online platform, we strongly advise that these are regularly checked. If parents have a concern or see something offensive/ abusive, we would urge them to contact us directly and in private to resolve the matter. We monitor child-on-child abuse and bullying in school and support in events out of school where possible also.

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