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Safer Recruitment

Safer recruitment is an important aspect of protecting and keeping children/young people safe. It applies to all employees/volunteers who have contact with, and access to children/young people. They are also people who children/young people see as safe and trustworthy.

Our recruitment process for safer recruitment

We follow all safer recruitment processes to ensure safety of everyone who works, attends and are part of Laycock Primary School.This includes:

  • safer recruitment warnings and reminders on our adverts and invititations to interview
  • a safer recruitment leader on the interview panel
  • a pre-online check prior to the interview
  • safeguarding questions in the interview
  • a online presence question in the interview post the online check 
  • a full DBS check
  • induction training, including the following policies and procedures: safeguarding, attendance, code of conduct, etc.

We have members of our SLT that are Safer Recruitment trained, these people are:

  • Tracie Gaspard-Kelchure - School Business Manager
  • Stephen Deutz - Chair of Governors
  • ​Sarah Amissah - Vice Chair of Governors

What is safer recruitment?

Safer recruitment is a set of practices to help make sure our staff and volunteers are suitable to work with children and young people. It’s a vital part of creating a safe and positive environment and making a commitment to keep children safe from harm. ​As part of the 2022 KCSiE, we will perform online checks of everyone who applies and interviews at Laycock Primary school, this will also inform a question we ask you in your interview. Safer recruitment is a continuing process of improvement for every school, club, business or organisation whose work or services involve contact with children.

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