Speech & Language Therapists

The Speech and Language Therapy Service for Children who are Deaf at Laycock School is provided by Whittington Health NHS. We have our own office and therapy room in the school. There are three speech and language therapists and one speech and language therapy assistant. We use natural oral communication in our therapy, but support the children’s learning with visual cues.

We support children in lots of different areas:

  • Understanding language
  • Talking
  • Play and social interaction
  • Attention and listening
  • Deaf identity
  • AAC (Augmentative & Alternative Communication)
  • Speech sounds
  • Eating and drinking

We have specialist skills in working with children who are deaf and we use different approaches and therapy packages to meet the different needs of the children.
We work closely with the class teachers to plan and deliver class group therapy sessions.

We also take children out of the classroom on their own or with their peers.

We set targets for the children and monitor their progress, also talking to other professionals working with the child. We let parents know what we are working on and parents are invited into therapy sessions.

We aim to make speech therapy fun for the children!

"I loved when I learned and talked about when I was deaf" - Year 6 child

"I like speech therapy because it help me learn better and it help me listen and work hard, and speech group is fun." - Year 3 child