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At Laycock Primary, our History curriculum has been carefully adapted to include a diverse spectrum of role models representative of our own school community. Our children will be encouraged to engage their curiosity and foster respect for those around them and those who came before. We will ensure that our children can form and mould their own identities, confident in their own knowledge of the community and world in which they live. They will learn about history which is relevant to them and reflective of their lives in conjunction with the National Curriculum guidelines and UN rights.

The evolution of society as we know it, is a fundamental part of our curriculum and will be explored through child led learning. We will provide a safe forum for our resilient learners to question and challenge past and current politically sensitive matters, such as Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ, discrimination and immigration in order to fully understand the reasoning behind them. They will be secure in their ability to compare their own experiences of life, to those of the past, whilst confidently placing events in the correct chronological order and context.

We are proud in the knowledge that our Laycock learners have the skills and aspiration to become future leaders and active members of society to continue to effect positive change. They come from a wonderfully diverse community and together they provide each other with a valuable insight and compassion for other cultures.


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