Curriculum Intent

Values Based Curriculum

We are very proud to share and celebrate our school’s bespoke curriculum based on these core values:

Curriculum intent

We have designed our curriculum for the children at Laycock Primary to be inspired, enthused, engaged and active- not only with the power of their learning, but the power of their life choices within our school, community and wider world. We aspire to revolutionise each subject within our curriculum to ensure our children gain cultural capital, a wide variety of exposure to happenings around the world and first-hand experience which is crucial to all learners. Our curriculum has been created based on the individuality of our local area, our community and the current world we live in. We will prepare our children to ask questions, hunt for answers and base decisions on their moral compass.

Our enquiry based, experiential learning will ignite and develop our children to embody our school values: aspiration, creativity, curiosity, resilience, respect and friendly.

As a school, we have a responsibility to drive towards equality. We believe that the diversity of our school and families strengthens our school’s community and ensures we promote, teach and enable equity. We vow to be reflective and stay on top of current issues of the world that we live in. Our curriculum has been inspired by a ‘windows and mirror’ analogy: we plan and strive to allow opportunities, also known as ‘windows’, for children to view into the experiences of others. We also plan and strive for representation, also known as ‘mirrors’, to reflect individuals and ensure our children see themselves in and around our school. This gives us new ways of seeing kinder ways of living and wider ways of being.