Reception in the Deaf Provision

In our Reception class language is taught daily through our curriculum lessons – Phonics, English and Maths.

We teach the same lessons as the mainstream Reception classes which are targeted at the EYFS development matters and Early Learning Goals. These lessons have a stronger focus on language so children are able to understand and use this taught language to extend their learning and play.

The children have lots of opportunities through each day where they are able to use and develop their language through play – whether it be a structured play activity, free play/choosing time and ‘free flow’ time within the mainstream classes.

We also take part in a music program through Creative Futures where the children are encouraged to use their voices to make a range of sounds and words in different pitches and volumes. This has been part of a research program to see how music can help deaf children’s pitch and perception of language – we’ve had some brilliant results and have seen a very positive effect through children from Reception to Year 4.