Off-site Visits Volunteers

School trips are an integral part of learning at Laycock Primary  School and afford many children opportunities which are outside their usual experiences. We are pleased that you have come forward as a volunteer helper: You will have an important role to play in the success and safety of the school trip.

Role of the volunteer helper

  • To be responsible and look after, in equal measure in conjunction with school staff, all of the children in your group.
  • To stay with your allocated staff member / group of children, ensuring that their well being and safety is maintained for the total duration of the school trip.
  • To promote polite, respectful and courteous behaviour towards each other and members of the general public. We all go as ambassadors of our school!
  • To ensure that the group you are with keep up with the body of the school visit party, be it walking, entering or exiting from transportation or following speakers for the trip.
  • To contact your / child’s class teacher / school member of staff if there are issues with first aid, safety and / or behaviour.

Working alongside School Staff

School staff expect volunteer helpers to:

  • Comply with all of the above whilst being under the direct line management of school staff.
  • Show commitment to their group, an interest in the focus of the visit and assist children in their learning by helping them to read signs / labels/ information, asking questions that encourage children to think. Follow guidance from the school staff.

What is not permitted?

  • Volunteer helpers are not allowed to bring additional siblings on the school trip.
  • Volunteer helpers are not allowed to re-organise school visit groups.
  • Volunteer helpers are not allowed to smoke, drink alcohol or engage in any illegal practices.
  • Volunteer helpers are not permitted to take photographs of children.
  • Volunteer helpers are not allowed to give / buy their group treats e.g., ice-creams, biscuits, sweets – before, during or after the school trip.

First Aid

For each class on the school visit, there will be at least one qualified first aider. You will be informed if any child in your group has medication / needs. If medication needs to be administered, this will be done be a trained member of staff. All first aid box(es) will be carried by staff.


You are expected to inform a member of staff as soon as possible if you become separated from the rest of the school party, please telephone one of the members of staff on your contact list or telephone the school directly.


Off-site Visits Volunteers Parent Agreement