At Laycock we use spoken English as the prime means of communication. It is, therefore, essential for us to have all hearing equipment working effectively.

Radio Aids

Radio aids are systems that wirelessly send the sound from a microphone transmitter (which the teacher wears) to a receiver worn by the children. The receiver will then send the sound to the child’s hearing aids or cochlear implants. Classrooms can be noisy places and therefore a high quality access to sound is important. The provision classrooms have all been acoustically treated to improve the sound quality and reduce noise. In our deaf provision we use the Phonak Roger radio aid system.

Many of the mainstream classes and all of the corridors are also fitted with acoustic ceiling tiles.

In our main hall we have a soundfield system which provides an even spread of sound in the whole room. It comprises a main microphone (worn by the speaker) and wall mounted speakers. This is also linked to our radio aid system.

Speech and Language Therapy

The children have opportunities for structured listening with our onsite speech and language therapists.

Daily checks

  • Before school begins, the Teachers of the Deaf check all radio aid systems are working.
  • All hearing equipment and radio aids are checked.
  • When children are in school, listening checks are carried out using the ling sounds.

The Ling Sounds are six sounds that cover every frequency. They enable Teachers of the Deaf to check that all cochlear implants are functioning effectively.

We visually check that hearing equipment is working and in good order – such as ear mould tubes or any breaks.

Liaisons with Audiology and Cochlear implant teams

We work very closely with the audiology and cochlear implant clinics. Please see below for contact emails:

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