Other Therapies

Where appropriate further assessments, strategies and recommendations are sought from other professionals e.g. Occupational Therapist, Educational Psychologist, deaf CAMHS. Support is implemented based on the recommendations of the EHCP and is reviewed regularly to assess its impact. Depending on these programmes, it can be undertaken in or out of the classroom.

Additional resources are sought when required in order for students to successfully access the curriculum e.g. laptops, communication aids, specialist seating, sensory resources.

Individualised timetables are created which may include sessions such as SALT or high level 1:1 support.

Our SLT team is under Camden SLT services but work in Islington Schools. They provide 2 sessions a week both individually and as a group in partnership with the Teacher of the Deaf.

The bridge outreach service provides advice for our children with additional needs/diagnoses such as ASD and ADHD and how we can best support them in the classroom.

Deaf CAMHS works with families offering assessment and treatment for children needing emotional, behavioural and mental health support.

Our amazing physiotherapists provide us with tailored programmes for each individual child so that we can continue in the classroom. They visit the school weekly to deliver and monitor progress. They provide training on improving mobility, liaise with other services regarding equipment such as standing frames, wheelchairs and walking frames. They work very closely with our families advising on posture and safety. They work in partnership with our occupational therapists who take a more ‘whole person approach’ to mental and physical health and enables individuals to achieve their full potential.

We work in collaboration with Advisory Visual Impairment Teachers, Advisory Teachers of the Deaf and liaise closely with our Safer Handling Risk Assessor for those with mobility requirements. You can meet the team here.

Our pupils come from many boroughs all over London and we work in partnership with other teams to ensure we are providing the best possible access to the curriculum. Just one example out of many would be the Multi-Sensory Services in Hackney who provides us with extra support and strategies for those with multi-sensory diagnoses.

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