Aims and Values

What do we endeavor to achieve?

Laycock’s vision

The heart and soul of Laycock School is kindness and unity.

We are a friendly and welcoming school with a strong community spirit which reflects our inclusive ethos and belief that every child can thrive and achieve their goals in life.

We will educate the next generation of independent thinkers through an engaging and creative curriculum which embeds key skills in English, Mathematics, Science and PSHE through experiential enquiry-based learning.

Our values are at the core of everything that we do…

Laycock’s values

We have picked 6 values that we fully embed in our school to encourage children to understand them, engage with them and -most importantly- embody them. Our values link to ‘spirits that we witness throughout our school and these link to our house teams. Each house team is represented by an important role model.







How do we celebrate our values?

At Laycock Primary School, celebrating our Children’s achievements is of high importance to us! Each day we celebrate how hard our children work and look for examples of our Laycock School code - kindness and unity and of our six school values!

Class Dojo

Class Dojo is the daily reward system that we use from Nursery through to Year 6! Each child has their own Avatar and can earn positive points for showing good learning behaviours, completing home learning tasks and displaying our six school values! At the end of each week, the child with the highest amount of positive points gets rewarded by their class teacher!

Spirit award certificate

Every Friday we hold a special Celebration Assembly whereby children are rewarded and celebrated for showing one or more of our School Values! They each receive a certificate which they can proudly take home to their parents!

Afternoon Tea

Each week, the children who have received a certificate in the Celebration Assembly, get to have a delightful afternoon tea with Miss Laz! They have juicy tea and biscuits served in the very best china! This is a great opportunity for their achievements to be celebrated with the Head Teacher.

Book vending maching

In our Library we have a wonderful Book Vending machine filled with a range of books for all children! During our Celebration Assembly all the certificates are collected in and one certificate is chosen at random! This child then gets the privilege of selecting a book to keep form the vending machine! Happy Reading!!!

Laycock Legends

Each term the class Teacher selects two children to receive the very special Laycock Legends medal. This award is given to those children who have continuously demonstrated the school values, the school code and have gone above and beyond in Laycock School life! Their parents are invited to a special assembly in which the class teacher gives a short speech and the Headteacher presents each chosen child with their gold Laycock Legend medal.


Each assembly is linked to British Values, SMSC, the United Nations Global Goals and our school values.

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STAR behaviours

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Laycock Lottery

Children who are spotted doing the right thing when lining up in the playground and walking around the school could win a Laycock Lottery ticket and get to chose a prize from the Laycock Lottery shop!

School council

Our school council reps are taught, voted for and selected as part of our PSHE curriculum and once in council, they are responsible for creating 4 SMART targets to allign with our school values.

Year 6 Ambassadors

We train our Year 6s to become Ambassadors for the school where they hold the responsibility of being our role models for the younger children. After their training and graduation, they will complete jobs around the school such as 1:1 reading, play support, parents evening meet and greet and facilitate school tours.

What does a Laycock learner look like?

Have a look at this movie our Year 6 have made.