House Teams

What and how do we use our house teams?

At Laycock Primary School we have six different House Teams represented by six of our school role models! The role models were selected by the children and staff at our school, with each role model encompassing and displaying one of our six school values!

Our House Teams are used throughout school life. This system provides opportunities for friendly competition and showcasing talents; it is a positive way of recognising and celebrating pupils’ contributions and rewarding pupils for living our six school values. It also enables children from across the year groups to get to know each other and work collaboratively.

Children are awarded House Points for displaying the six school values. Each week the points are totalled and the results shared on a weekly basis. At the end of each half term, the winning team are reward with a special treat.

Each of our House Teams and Laycock School Values are represented with a logo. These logos were designed and made by the wonderful children at Laycock and are recognised and celebrated throughout our school!

To find out a little more about each of our House Teams and their role model:

Asher-Smith House

Dina Asher-Smith is the role model for Asher-Smith House. This house represents the athletes’ spirit and aspiration. Asher-Smith’s house colour is red.

Attenborough House

David Attenborough is the role model for Attenborough House. This house represents the explorer’s spirit and curiosity. Attenborough’s house colour is green.

Gandhi House

Gandhi is the role model for Gandhi House. This house represents the Peacemaker’s spirit and respectfulness. Gandhi’s house colour is orange.

Boseman House

Chadwick Boseman is the role model for Boseman House. This house represents creativity. Boseman's house colour is yellow.

Yousafzai House

Malala Yousafzai is the role model for Yousafzai House. This house represents the warriors’ spirit and resilience. Yousafzai’s house colour is white.

Windsor House

Queen Elizabeth is the role model for Windsor House. This house represents team spirit and friendliness. Windsor’s house colour is purple.