Meet our Inclusion Team

Sue Brownson

Deputy Headteacher

I am the school Deputy Headteacher and leader of the Deaf Provision. I liaise with children, families, staff and external professionals daily. I am always here to help.

Fred Hall

Deputy Headteacher - Mainstream

One of my roles is 'standards, data and aspiration' and as part of that I am leading the NACE (National Association for Able Children in Education) project. Part of this is to ensure ALL children are offered challenge across the curriculum.

Julie Dellafiora

Assistant to Deputy of Deaf Provision

I am an assistant to the Deputy of the Deaf Provision. I am a qualified Teacher of the Deaf and help organise and run the provision.

Lilly Amorelli


I am the school SENDCo (special educational needs and disability co-ordinator) and SMHL (senior mental health leader) at Laycock. I work with children, teachers, parents/ carers and external professionals. Come along to our SEND coffee morning every Monday to find out more.

Thibaud Lecluse

SEND Assistant

I am the school SENDCo (special educational needs and disability co-ordinator) Assistant. I co-ordoinate outreach and external services and manage internal interventions in the school. I often work with children and can be seen in classes teaching sometimes. I am also part of the safeguarding team

Dexter Thompson

Pastoral Manager

I am the school's Pastoral Manager. My role includes looking after attendance and punctuality, wellbeing, behaviour, celebrations and social/ emotional support. I work closely with  children,staff and parents/ carers. I am also part of the safeguarding team.

Begona Lopez

SEND Support

I am a SEND assistant that carries out interventions across the school, I check in with children accordingly, I run the nurture breakfast and oversee alot of the play times. I know lots of children ans families across the school and always try and bring my energy and positivity to any situation!

Lynsey Houlton

Pupil and Communication Assistant

I am the Pupil & Communication officer. I may be the first person you speak to and can direct you in the right direction for help or support.


I am the school’s CAMHS clinician and I am also trained as an art psychotherapist. I will be at Laycock every Wednesday morning. I will be working with children and families.


School Counsellor

Dexter the Dog

I am in school from time to time for the children at Laycock. Those children who find reading difficult, or those seeking comfort and relaxation, or those just wanting ‘someone' to talk to come and find me!



  • Our middle leaders strive to ensure inclusion is embedded in our curriculum
  • Our teachers ensure inclusivity in the classroom
  • Our play leaders support inclusive play times
  • Every member of staff in the building supports and celebrates the inclusion of every member in our community