Meet our Inclusion Team

Sue Brownson

Deputy Headteacher

I am the school Deputy Headteacher and leader of the Deaf Provision. I liaise with children, families, staff and external professionals daily. I am always here to help.

Simon Cardy

SENCO - Designated Safeguarding Leader

I am the school’s SENCO. I am responsible for the day-to-day operation of the school's SEN policy. I co-ordinate additional support for pupils with SEND and liaise with their parents, teachers and other professionals who are involved with them.

Dexter Thompson

Pastoral Manager

I am the school's Pastoral Manager. My role includes looking after attendance and punctuality, wellbeing, behaviour, celebrations and social/ emotional support. I work closely with children, staff and parents/ carers. I am also part of the safeguarding team.


I am the school’s CAMHS clinician and I am also trained as an art psychotherapist. I will be at Laycock every Wednesday morning. I will be working with children and families.


School Counsellor



  • Our middle leaders strive to ensure inclusion is embedded in our curriculum
  • Our teachers ensure inclusivity in the classroom
  • Our play leaders support inclusive play times
  • Every member of staff in the building supports and celebrates the inclusion of every member in our community