#IAm Role Models

We learn about and celebrate over 30 role models which have been handpicked by our staff and children. We made a conscious choice to pick classic and 21st century role models that represent all lifestyles and abilities: ages, race, gender, religion, ability, disability, age, cultural background, lifestyle choices and more.  Our aim is to eliminate and break any stereotype; we celebrate each and every role model for who they are, not what they are or have achieved. Similar to how we celebrate our children at Laycock.

Our role models can be seen around out school:

#IAm project

This year, we have launched a new project call #IAm. It was inspired by a similar initiative called I Weigh which celebrates everyone for who they are and founded by Jameela Jamil. We, at Laycock, are celebrating everything that makes our chosen role models who they are both as a well known person and a human being within our curriculum.

We also have a whole school term focusing on #IAm where children are able to create their own within the PSHE Scheme of Work. These will be used to celebrate inclusion and diversity across our school.

Who are our role models?