Cultural Capital


At Laycock, we want to offer the widest, most interesting and fun opportunities embedded within our curriculum and additional to it.

As a result, we connect with as many services within our local community and further to share expertise, knowledge and activities with our children. Such as:





Women in leadership


Aerial Pod Yoga




Forest School


Islington library services


Police services


Additionally, we have created two curriculum guarantees: 60 x 6 and WOW events, see more below.

60 x 6

We aim to give each and every child 60 cultural experiences before they leave us in Year 6 - that is 10 experiences between Year 1 and 6.

We have 6 trips/workshops pre-planned throughout the year that links to our exciting curriculum. The other four are planned by the teachers throughout the year - have a look at what we have planned...!

WOW Events

We introduced the idea of a hook to launch each half term’s curriculum driver with a WOW. The purpose behind the event is to excite, engage and enthuse the children about their new topic.

What events have we had so far?

  • Viking stews
  • Greek Olympics
  • Orienteering around the school
  • Trips/ visitors

How do they work?

The school / Friends of Laycock give each year group £100 per half term to plan an exciting event.

How is it evidenced?

We add regular updates to our Twitter feed.

Remember to check the following hashtags...

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